Sea Symbols Spellcasting, Insight & Healing Card Deck

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Crafted with the magic, energy and runes of the sea runes, these powerful little cards are great for spell and invocation work. And yes, I designed, and self-published these beauties.
The card deck features the Janarric Runes derived from the Janarra Clan of Italian Witches, refreshed and vibrant colours and liquid light that draws you into each card, each symbol, to its heart and soul.
The rune symbols can be used by themselves for spellcasting by drawing the rune in the sand for example, or the cards themselves can be used in spellcasting, invocation, evocation, imbibing and imbuing energy.
The Sea Symbols cards can also be used for insight and spiritual guidance, as facilitators to connections outside of yourself or deeply within. And they can be used to inspire and facilitate healing.
'As the ocean meets the land, the sea embraces the earth, and all is in love with the flow and evolution of the universe.
The witches of the
sea, and sea witches alike, created symbols, runes of the sea, to cast and craft spells.
It is these sea runes that we connect with as the powerful symbols of the sea.
It is these
sea runes that we hold an affinity for, that we develop a deeper understanding for, and it is these sea runes, the symbolism and insight of the Janarric Runes, that hold the foundations of the Sea Symbols, creating a card deck consisting of 36 fluidly flowing, structured and powerful cards for healing, spellcasting, i nsight and guidance.'

36 card boxed cards with guidebook.

Author and Card Design; Gemma Rose Green

Self Published by Gemma Rose Green in USA.

2nd edition print.

Copyright © 2017 Gemma Rose Green

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