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Generational Healing Readings, the reading and healing practice that connects you to a gathering of generations past, so that you can create something different in the present and for the future. Our healing readings illuminate limitations within the family dynamics by revealing reoccurring life and family themes, points of pain or suffering, and destructive or dysfunctional tendencies, to create lighter, brighter pathways of healing.They contribute to healing generational wounds and transforming family life from surviving to thriving. They open an awareness to what’s required in the healing journey to create shifts and changes, healing and revolution, within the family dynamics that are more positive and mutable for enhanced self and family connections and communications that support and life everyone so that they live, reach or aspire to living,their fullest, brightest, boldest expression of life. Generational Healing Readings Identify:
  • What running themes are in your life?
  • What running themes are in your family life?
  • What running themes are in your generational and ancestral lineage?
  • Identify where the limitations are?
  • How to work with them and improve.
  • Provide a current or relevant blueprint to identify, discover, reveal and heal, the above plus where it comes from and how to release it.
  • Provide an action plan including tools, tips and clearings to help you process; plan can include future generational healing programs but is not a necessity to follow through with, especially if you are unwilling to dive into the work that is necessary to create the change required to heal the past, present and future.
So whether your life or generational themes are around family, relationships, money or health, my Generational Healing Readings are an opening to healing the past, the present and the future so that you can create something new, something different, something expansive and limitless, for yourself and generations to come. All Generational Healing Readings Include:
  1. 30 minute Pre-Reading Identifying Session.
  2. MP3 Audio Reading.
  3. PDF Formatted Reading & Blueprint.
  4. 30 minute Post-Reading Healing Session.
*Healing and Reading Sessions can include energy work, psychic connections, mediumship and intuitive conversations and guidance, along with clearing statements and coaching/mentorship. *At the time of booking, Gemma will contact you to confirm a day and time for the Pre-Reading Session. You will then be notified of the day and approximate time Gemma will work with your energy and ancestors for the reading process. Once the reading has been sent to you, you will also receive information on when and how to book in for your Post Reading Healing Session.
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