Psychic Intuitive Money Train

What Is The Money Train? The motion of co-creative exploration into the world of money and how we can switch tracks to receive more of it, in abundance, flow and consistency.

Intents & Purposes:
Money Classes!!! It’s all about creating clear signals, clear messages, and clear attraction and receptiveness points within our being.

Psychic Intuitive Money Train: My Money, My Station classes are intuitive and energetic money classes focused on processing and progressing beyond any limitations, constructs and constraints that you have around money; including those you are aware of and those you are unaware of.

Along with how we think and feel about money, we also explore things like:
How it shows up for you.
How you receive it.
Your point of attraction.
Your receptiveness point.

The purpose and intention of the My Money, My Station classes, is to break down any limitations, constructs, constraints around money, by redefining the way we think and feel about money, the way we process our financial stuff, and the language that we use.
The language that we use around money contributes to our points of attraction and our points or receptiveness, which is why all of our money classes focus on creating new positive pathways, projections and reflections on and around money.

Because, whether or money or something else, we can’t talk about what’s missing, lacking or what we don’t have and be in allowance of it showing up in lives. We can’t think about what’s missing, lacking or what we don’t have and still be in the receptiveness of it.
Cleaning up our muddied frequencies of transmission, attraction and receptiveness is paramount in changing tracks and rewriting our money stories, we my money team in spirit helps us achieve that.

We Have A Money Team?
I have a money team guiding this train down the tracks and our conductor for this journey is Gloria (Glory~a), she is my business energy and adviser in spirit, and heads the team I’m working with. She is the only one that will be referred to by name, with all other spirit, universal or collective energy sources being referred to as‘My Money Team.’

Mission & Motto
To take as many of you with me as we rise through the ranks of financial success and monetary freedom.

“More Stepping & Less Fretting!”

6 LIVE Classes!

We have 6 LIVE zoom calls scheduled for the Psychic Intuitive Money Train: My Money, My Station classes…….6!

Beginning on the 3rd of May! 6 classess to clean and clear your energetic projection and receptions points; yes, we are talking about the field of attraction!

Classes are held on ZOOM! Your participation is welcomed! This is not just about the messages and guidance my team and I have to offer, it’s about creating clarity within your thoguhts and energy so that your frequency is gleaming!

Q & A and energy clearings are guarenteed!


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My Money, My Station!

A new wave of generating money momentum which focuses on disrupting the soul by questioning the different possibilities and ways we contradict, constrain, limit and disrupt our energy flow toward money, so that we in turn, disrupt the energy of money flowing toward us.

Our, ‘My Money, My Station’ classes do this by creating awareness around our language used and our ease of energy flow around money through the guidance and wisdom of soul, source and spirit.

“Change your language around money and you will change your point of attraction.
Change your energy around money and you will change your point of receptiveness.“

~*~Yes, I got distracted at the energy build up going on at the end of class😂…..but hey, what a great sign of momentum building 🤑😀~*~

Want more?

  • One time only.
  • Classes begin 3/5/2019 AEST
  • Participant numbers are capped.
  • I am not a money mindset coach BUT I am an everyday kind of woman taking an energetic, psychic intuitive, spiritual approach around generating, creating and receiving money while contributing to breaking the generational cycle of financial struggles for myself and for others.
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