What I Do

Essentially, I serve to support and guide women and children who struggle with self esteem and confidence, speaking their truth, processing emotions, thoughts and whatever else prevents them from following their dreams, understanding life, womanhood and accepting their amazing spirits.

It is my intention to help others achieve a greater way of accepting and expressing themselves, and experiencing life through a joyful heart by helping others access, accept & achieve their own bright, bold, badass way of living by inspiring a healing revolution from within, promoting self & generational healing through the power of voice & communication, accountability & acceptance, and organically formed intuitive and healing processes.

My Guiding Principles

We are all works in progress. We are all uniquely individual. We are all meant to be here. We are all deserving. We are all worthy. Only through the power of love and accceptance can we create a shift in our personal lives and experiences. I believe in unconditional support, open communication, compassion, empathy and kindness, yet value boundaries and straight talking just as much.

‘I am not here to heal you, I am hear to give you voice and facilitate healing from within.’

My Methods & Toolkit

My first approach to all services, support and work, is intuitive. I beleive this opens up the highest level of service ability and eliminates expectation or personal projections.

I have a toolkit to carryout all my work and services, and in this magickal toolkit is a background, teachings and certificates for healing and spiritual modalities such as reiki, energy work, witchcraft, intuitive soul and spirit connections and conversations, colour therapy, crystal healing, aromoatherapy, mediumship, intuition, counselling, coaching, mediation and red tent teachings.

My Goals

It is my goal to be of service to you in anyway that I can, to be waht it is that you need in order to achive your highest awareness, realisation or expression. Quite often this looks like bright, bold and badass living, yet knowing that this to me means helping you acheive a life that you love, live a joyful existnece and expereince life in it’s fullness just the way you want to.

My goal, is to unlock limitless potential and possibility for you so that you can walk through any door and achieve anything.

Psychic Intuitive Healing & Readings

Work IN Progress - Info Coming Soon

Generational Healing - Readings & Mentoring

Work In Progress - Info Coming soon.

Motivation Mentoring - Workshops/Programs

Work In Progress - Info Coming Soon.

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