Generational Healings, Readings & Self/Family Support Sessions

For better or worse, for good or bad, we embody the residual energetic imprint of those who came before us. For right or wrong, we are implanted with the seeds of the past, which means our very expression contains the energy of those who came before us, just as it contains the energy of those who will come after us.

Whether it’s positively creative or dysfunctionally disruptive, we carry the energy and the attitudes that facilitate cycles, allowing them to be recycled, regurgitated and repeated until someone chooses something different different.

When our generational cycles are dysfunctional, disruptive and destructive, in micro or macro capacities, it takes courage and conviction to create change and break the cycles. When they create limitations to whatever degree, it’s worth stepping into the space of change.


“Any healing work that we do on ourselves, automatically impacts our children, thus beginning to heal their journeys, their selves, their wounds and ways significant to generational dysfunction on any scale.”

YOU have the power to create change, to heal old wounds, old ways, old cycles. So the question is, are you willing to create change, to release pain, to create new dynamics, for you and you family? Are you willing to shift the conditioning and beliefs passed on from generation to generation?

Are you willing to be the GIFT that you have been waiting for? YES? YES! Because guess what? If you choose it, if you’re willing, you can bring to completion the unspoken and the perpetual agreements that bind all generations, passed on through the ages. You can be the one to end generational cycles once and for all and create a future lighter and brighter for all family members no matter age or stage, past, present or future.

At A Glance:

Some of the things we can assist you and your family with:
  • Family Dysfunction.
  • Miscommunication.
  • Non Communication.
  • Misfit Feelings; Feelings of not belonging, not connecting, not gelling or fitting in with others or each other.
  • Tension, Disagreements, Arguments.
  • Parenting Issues; Not connecting, communicating, coping or managing with your children.
  • Disruptions.
  • Eruptions.
  • Destructive Behaviours.
  • Abuse; physical, emotional, mental.
  • Addictions.
  • Trauma.
  • Emotional Pain & Suffering.
  • Mental Pain & Suffering.

Why Me?

I have been set up for this kind of work since the day I born….it just took me an incredibly long time to KNOW it as my truth.
Life themes are what lead you to your purpose, your calling in life, and my ‘life themes’ embodied family dysfunction, domestic violence, addiction, victimization, powerlessness and limited self belief, worth and value.

Not only were these the themes of my life, but they were themes that ran through our family line, from past to present, and it is because of this that I’ve always held a personal belief around creating thriving family environments that support EVERYONE! and mission the personal mission to cerate change within family for as long as I can remember, to create change within the family.
The thing is, for the longest of times, I didn’t know what that looked like. I knew what it felt like, the feeling once achieved, yet I didn’t have within me the tools or the capacity or even the support to implement substantial change…that is, until I chose to stop operating from the old systems and scripts, the old implanted and learnt behaviours, and create something new from within the core of my being first, which will always ripple out to those close to us.

It is through my personal and practical experience of navigating, traversing and healing these aspects of life, of being human, and of family relations, combined with my desire to help others create change and expereince thriving family environments, that places me in a highly unique position of facilitating healing and change for self and for others.

“Together we can change the familiar belief of surviving family life, to thriving in family life.”

How We Help, At A Glance:

Some of the things we focus on achieving with you and your family with:


  • Healing wounds, trauma, residual energy, implants and systemic cellular systems passed on from generations to generation.
  • Healing on required levels, resolving, evolving or dissolving connections and relationships where required.
  • Healing issues and components related to dysfunction and trauma, including addiction and abuse, estrangement and alienation.
  • Healing emotional and mental impacts and points of pain.
  • Bridging any gaps between self and others, caused by lack of communication, miscommunication, detachment and non acceptance.
  • Promote healthier, open, accepting relationships, understanding and empathic communication.
  • Promoting positive contributions to the family environment.

~Generational Healing~

Readings, Sessions & Support

Our family based Generational Healing Readings, Sessions and Programs, explore family dynamics, address any dysfunction, reveal reoccurring themes, residual energy effects and implants, wounds, trauma, unfinished business and unspoken agreements that are bound within your generational lineage.


This explorative blueprint leads us to creating opportunities for you to reclaim your voice, enhance your communication, accept accountability and responsibility for self, whilst developing awareness, acceptance and choice.
Generational Healing Readings illuminate limitations within the family dynamics by revealing reoccurring life and family themes, points of pain or suffering, and destructive or dysfunctional tendencies, to create lighter, brighter pathways of healing.

They contribute to healing generational wounds and transforming family life from surviving to thriving.


It is through these readings, sessions and support mediums, we attend to and develop personal skill sets of vulnerability, awareness, communication, acceptance, responsibility, self love, forgiveness, authenticity and freedom within one’s own being to promote living a life of my and harmony within out own family units, because, at the end of the day, all #familymatters!
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