Sea Spirit Healing Circles

We are integrating a healing session into our week in conjunction with one of our 4 pillars and Spirit from corresponding Spirit from Sea Spirit Healing Oracle imagery.

Joining our Sea Spirit Healing Circle is easy and from your home or space, healing is facilitated through intuitive and spirit guidance, and may look and feel like mediations, visualisations, or collaborative conversations focus on opening your hearts and souls to receiving healing.


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Goddess Market Stalls

Online Market Stalls!

We have 4 seasonal ‘Goddess Market Stalls’ open day’s mapped out for the year, with each opening celebrating the turn of the wheel and honour the seasons.
Our seasonal market stalls are dedicated to the seasons within the Southern Hemisphere.

Imbolc: 1st/2nd August 2020
Beltaine: 31st October 2020
Lammas: 1st/2nd February 2021
Samhain: 30th April/1st May 2021

Goddess Market Stallholders are dedicated to creating holistic health & wellbeing products & witchy magic.



Goddess Unleashed! Circles

What better way to unleash the goddess within than in a supportive group of goddess gals during a Full Moon!

Our circles facilitate the process of getting to know and unleashing, your true, phenomenal, unique goddess-being side by side with the energy of the lunar full moon.

Circles are co-facilitated by Gemma Rose & Spirit (of a Raw & Real Goddess). Each circle is spontaneously & intuitively crafted leading up to & into, each one. All full moon circles correspond with the energy & the light of lunar’s fullness.



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