"Writing Is Another Way To Promote Healing & Spiritual Growth From Within Yourself."

Death, It Fuck’s Me Up Every Time!

I’m sitting here contemplating the process, the meaning, the what the fucks about death….not necessarily a great thing to be doing on Mother’s Day, but hey, you can’t orchestrate this shit if you tried, right? I woke up this morning, peacefully contemplating that cat...

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When You Say YES But The Universe Say’s NO!

So guess what people? Guess what universe? BRING IT! Bring it on! Bring on the money. Bring on the opportunity. Bring it on, whatever it is that I am asking for and clear the limitations of residual or resounding NO energy, especially when it’s not mine! 😊

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Family Matters: Stepping Back.

As parents & even responsible dults, at some point in a child’s life, we are required to step back and allow our children the space to not only make their own choices, but also the space to deal with the consequences; right or wrong, good or bad.

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Our Wellness Christmas – Family Wiz-Bit #3

Our Christmas Wellness: Christmas wellness supports the inner integrity of your being, in a time which presents as busy, chaotic, tense or stressful, and let's face it, family isn't always the easiest among us to get along with. And it's this understanding, acceptance...

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