Addiction: Changing The Looking Glass; Beyond The Our Wellness Conversations Podcast. ~With Michele Scott Numerologist & Gemma Rose Green, Raw & Real Goddess~

The line of addiction is not exclusive to any one social class, genre, or even addictive medium. Addictions can take shape in any form and via any means, from illegal substances, to prescribed pills, from shopping, to tanning, to exercise.

So expansive is the area of addiction, that one conversation alone, can only just begin to scuff the surface of a subject that is as panoptic and extensive as it is abyssal and unfathomable. And this is why Michele and Gemma have collaborated further and beyond the scope of the Our Wellness Community‘s, Conversation Podcast; Addiction: Changing The Looking Glass.


The ‘Addiction: Changing The Looking Glass’ podcast was a raw and real exploration of substance addiction and the impact that it has not only on the present and living line, but also the impact it has from generation to generation and how it’s carried forward through residual energy and DNA coding. It was rich in conscious and creative content that spanned the heart and soul perspective encompassed spirituality, self awareness, intuition and personal experience.


Addiction holds so many of us and our loved one’s prisoner. It’s a sore and touchy topic and despite much education, support, and resources on how to avoid this dark and destructive state in life, our children still fall for it and adults still succumb to it! It’s non-exclusivity, means that addiction varies from person to person, from generation to generation, and looks different across the board.

In other words, it’s complex!

The complexity, the variants, means there is never a single set of hard and fast rules that apply to experiencing addiction, to living with addiction or to surviving and recovering in addiction. Nor are there a strong set of systems to dissuade falling into the trap of addiction to begin with. Therefore, it becomes a continuation of exploring it, challenging it, growing in it and becoming more and more self aware in the journey itself, so that we contribute creating as much change as possible that supports everyone involved.

When we look within the field of Numerology, Michele Scott Numerologist gives us deeper insight into the larger picture of life as energy……….

“In numerology, we interpret and analyze numbers and number combinations. It’s a fabulous tool for self-help, personal development, and metaphysical and spiritual awareness & understanding. We can find Karmic Debt in an individual’s Numerology Profile too, and when we arrive at 14 which then becomes 1+4=5, (14/5), we know this number and therefore the individual has a predisposition to addiction!

It’s believed in a previous lifetime the individual failed to overcome the chains of some addiction, to the detriment of other areas of their life which were neglected, so in this lifetime that Karma to be repaid. If the individual doesn’t succumb to that same behaviour themselves in this lifetime, then it is likely they attract this issue in their loved ones or in experiences around them.

We reap what we sow. And, if you believe in reincarnation as I do, then you would find this section of your Numerology Profile very reassuring. If you have often wondered, “why me?” What if it is because it was the other way around in that lifetime? In that lifetime you were the one they had to save!”


Within the Podcast, Gemma and Michele took the conversation to a place of challenging the negative dynamics of addiction and explored the benefits and or possible positives that addiction presents to us. It is a different way to look at addiction, asking for the positives to come through in a situation or experience that is predominantly seen and felt as negative, however, it is worth exploring and becoming willing to place yourself in the roll of observer to create more awareness around yourself and the situation.


Potenital Positive Benefits of Addiction:

• It can unite parents, partners, siblings and friends.

• It helps us to learn new skills; problem solving, conflict management, etc.

• It’s the perfect experience in which to demonstrate unconditional love.

• It provides the landscape for forgiveness and can heal generational wounds.

• And, it can help us better shape our own values, boundaries, ethics.

From the energetic level, we carry with us the residual energies from our passed ancestors. We can do this via energy, DNA coding or the messaging and programming passed on from generation to generation.

If we can develop an awareness around this energetic concept, we can help create and become more understanding of how, no matter the circumstances and no matter how illogical it may be, some of us are energetically and genetically coded to walk the path of addiction.

When we understand the impact of the past on the present and the impact of the present on the future, we have greater capacity to choose continuous exploration and development around new ways, ideas, concepts, practices and living or recovery pathways of addiction.

Why? Because only when we do better, can we teach better.

How do we teach better? We learn better, we explore and question, and develop and grow. We learn by looking at everything with the openness to change points of view and to doing things differently than they have been done before.


Michele and Gemma share these additional areas of exploration, believing they are worth exploring, questioning and challenging, especially if we are to experience change in and around how we handle, contribute to, think and feel about addiction in general:


• Take a look at the wide spread messaging that is tainted with contradiction and hypocrisy, a hypocrisy that our children pick up on and rebel against.

We need to consider the ‘real’ message we are sending to our younger generations, who mimic more so than listen to our contradictory words.

So take pause to think about these ripe old messages for a moment…..

“it’s ok to drink copious amounts of alcohol (it’s just a social thing?), but not ok to take drugs?”

“It’s ok to consume inappropriate amounts of ‘prescribed medicine’ (because the Doc said so!) but not ok to take drugs?”

“It’s ok to smoke our heads off (?), but not ok to take drugs?”

……can you feel the hypocrisy and contradictory tones of them?

When we begin to question and challenge what was or is, what we grew up with or were taught, we give ourselves the opportunity to develop more mutable outlooks and points of view that support our younger generations.

Food for thought, yes?


• We should also be very curious about why our fellow human beings get stuck in this vicious cycle of self-sabotage & addiction?

What are they attempting to escape from or run to?

Is it a self-worth issue? If more attention was paid to building healthy inner worlds & strong and empowered individuals would we even need to worry about ‘the war on drugs’?

– Is it a connection issue? Is there so much loss, disentanglement, estrangement and break-ups in family, community, and in the world, that the only place they find some kind of connection and understanding is in their family of fellow addicts?

– Is it about love? And this doesn’t mean that they aren’t or haven’t been loved! But, if this is how they feel in their hearts and heads, or if it’s a case of severe lack of self-love, then perhaps it’s this lack that gets filled up each time in the pursuit of their favourite addiction.

• We are also required to consider the ‘Addictive by Nature’ aspects that relate to addiction being genetic, imbedded in the DNA coding and energetic behavioural patterns and programming. Is it possible that addiction is housed on a cellular level, and regardless of the upbringing, familiar teachings or love experienced within the home, addiction will be embraced because it is within the innate nature of a body?

• How about reviewing the stigma’s attached to addiction? Are they outdated and growing rapidly as unaware points of view that continue to serve as a tool to separate, segregate and limit the education, support and resources available? And if we truly wish to contribute to the healing or recovery in a way that is accessible to everyone, then creating awareness around the ‘problem’ is the only way to develop deeper understanding, more positive solutions and support and recovery pathways that are more substantial and successful than previously.

Addiction is quite the heavy subject to connect with and experience throughout life, and as a part of encouraging change and increasing support around this touchy but very common aspect of life, we must be willing to have the conversations and take action when and where required to facilitate change and growth, along with healing and recovery.

So, we will leave you with some additional and different points of view that could just be the shift you are looking for in order to create more ease and flow in the experience and recovery of addiction;

– For everything that is ‘wrong’ with addiction, you will find things that are right if you are willing to detach from all expectations and outcomes.

– The release of the victim mindset opens you to the opportunity of choosing how you create your experiences within and around addiction.

– Working together with partners and other family members creates deeper connections with those close to you. There is no room for blame!

– Unarmed communication is the best kind of conversation and places you in a space of unconditional love.

– Be truthful about the addiction and your expereinces. Truth is the first step to progressing forward.

– You cannot FIX anyone else! You can only provide support, love, tools, guidance, encouragement, safety, boundaries and so on.

– The negatives of judgment, attachment, victimhood and fear, promote destruction. Whereas, detachment and de-tangling from the energy, the points of view and the mindsets, promote constructive attitudes and actions.


There is of course a whole lot more to this prickly subject, but for now, Michele and Gemma hope that you find both the podcast and this article enlightening, thought provoking, supportive and beneficial, and please, if you are struggling with addiction in any form, here are some methods and services where you can receive help:

– Community Services in your local area, including Community Health Services; services vary from state to state.

Reach Out – online resources.

Drug and Alcohol Counselling – online and free.

– See your local doctor! They can provide you with a wealth of resources available to you locally and possible a care plan.

*And remember, being honest about your situation serves you best, you can never have enough support systems in place, and talking truthfully will lighten your load.

**Alternative methods: Spiritual practices that promote self awareness, Access Bars Practitioners, Generational Healing Practices, Numeralogy and Astrology, Intuitive and Holistic Counselling Services, Holistic Practitioners including Naturopathy and Past Life Regression are some examples.

***Above all else, the addict must be willing to receive the assistance and support, and be an active participant in the healing and recovery process, otherwise, no amount of support, guidance or assistance will progress one on the road to recovery.


With Love & Blessings,

Michele Scott Numerologist & Gemma Rose Green, Raw & Real Goddess.

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Author: Gemma Rose Green is a Psychic Intuitive Holistic Healer, focusing on the mind, body, soul & spirit, & a Badass Life Coach, with a passion for family & generational healing. She is also an Author, Writer, Creator & Witch, dedicated to inspiring a healing revolution from within, promoting self & generational healing, through the power of voice & communication, accountability & acceptance.


Author: Michele Scott Numerologist creates relationships with here clients to help them figure out thesame questions she asked herself as a teenager. “Who am I?”. “What is my purpose?”. “Why am I here?”. Michele is the facilitator of the Our Wellness Community, a fast growing group of Facebook where she colaborates & partners with her colleagues in the Holistic field to develop programs, projects & events that promote & grow Wellness healthin Mind, Body, Heart & Soul. In addition to her Masters in Numerology, Michele is a qualified Meditation Teacher & Holistic Life Coach, & a member of IICT.