As the QueenBee of the Raw & Real Goddess business and brand, I am passionate about creating spaces and facilitating changes that support women unleashing their own inner Raw & Real Goddess, and creating thriving family communities, dynamics and relationships.


Gemma Rose Green has been working with energy and spirit for over 10 years now; working with spirit, nature and universal energies. She is an Intuitive Energy Healer ~ Empath ~ Psychic ~ Medium ~ Witchy Woman ~ Mother.
Gemma specialises in generational and ancestral energy work, promoting and facilitating change for the past, present & future.
Gemma Rose Green is also an Author, Writer, Creator.

Tips To Contributing Ease

  • There is no ‘QuickFix’. Rather we are all works in progress, all of the time.
  • Change is the one constant that we can rely on.
  • Conscious shift and healing comes from within; It takes time! And it takes effort!
  • We never really have the problem that we ‘THINK’ we do.
  • Healing and growth is our own personal responsibility.
  • The moment we begin to change, is the moment our worlds change around us.
  • The change we wish to see, is the change that we are responsible for creating.
  • All our answers, potential and possibility is already within us; sometimes we required a helping heart to unleash them.
  • When we raise another’s spirit within, we raise ourselves and we raise our communities.

“The Spirit of the Raw & Real Goddess is pleased to meet you. After all this time, it is finally a joy to capture your heart and awareness.

It is like a breathe of fresh air that we say hello, for we are a collective energy likened to archetypes based on the needs and desires of your own path. Just as you become what you need for yourself to flourish and thrive, so too do we become all that you need…even if you don’t want us to.”

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