“The ‘Custodians of Truth’ walk among us today. Some so frail and weak from the journey. Others ready to vanquish all with the sword of truth. All no matter how big all small, are still ‘Custodians of Truth’ none the less.

There is a blessing amongst all in this time and age, a blessing of truth, of revelation, of change.

Shit happens when shifts are occurring, and the ‘Custodians of Truth’ are rising; louder and louder their voices to be heard, taller and taller their faces to be seen, wider and wider their impact to be felt.

Clambering onto what has been in the past is creating a wind of chaos that can be felt for miles around and for years to come. Yet as they scramble and clamber the walls, the ‘Custodians of Truth’ take aim to clear a greater path for direct assaults. 

These Custodians, they walk among us as friends, as regular folk, as key note speakers, as celebrity voices looking to change the world; all looking to make it a better place. Yet no matter what the so called background of the ‘Custodians of Truth’, one thing is to be made very clear. We are living in a world where silencing the truth has been administered successfully everyday in profound or subtle ways across every walk of every life. 

Yet try as they might to silence the truth, be it the truth of the collective or the truth of one single soul, it will soon be discovered the platform of silence is no longer sturdy or secure enough to be treading or resting upon, for the ‘Custodians of Truth’ are rocking the boat. 

‘Custodians of Truth’, of freedom of truth, of freedom of speech, of freedom of expression, of freedom to walk this earth loved and cared for, honoured and protected, are rising and rising like an almighty sea set to wash clean the untruths of today, the untruths of yesterday, the untruths of generations before them and of generations to come. 

The ‘Custodians of Truth’ are rising like a tidal wave, a tidal wave of truth to sweep the planet clean, to create a united-ness unseen before, to create a togetherness unique to this day, to create and inspire love and compassion like none other.

They are here to unite us in oneness for humanity no matter what race or colour or creed, no matter what title or deed, no matter where or when you are from, the ‘Custodians of Truth’ are coming your way to reveal the misconceptions and to re-join to the miss-connections of empathy and unity for the whole of humanity.”

  • Collective Spirit Channelling, circa 2017. The uprising of the ‘Custodians of Truth’ is still very much on the incline, as we’ve seen across many countries more evidently, more recently. We feel that this, truth, accountability, awareness and responsibility, will become more ingrained within modern societies over the course of the next 10 years, with a whole lot more resistance to come.

Gemma Rose (Raw&Real Goddess)
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