As a little girl I was always the shy one. The one who would stand back and observe the ‘safety aspect’ of any group of people.
The truth is, that even as a child fear ran my life. I mean, I had good cause to be fearful and cautious, our family home wasn’t the safest place to be and I developed the fight or flight mode pretty early in life; flight being my preferred choice.

So when I began to sense night visitors the fight or flight mode was turned on pretty quickly. I hated being woken up by ‘something’, only to see that it was nothing. Or, that it was something…a Shadow Person.

Even now, I can be as frightened as that little girl all those years ago, and this night I found out how much.

This night, in the wee early A.M hours, I physically (despite being asleep) sat up in bed, outstretched my right hand in a ‘stop’ position and said out loud, ‘No! Stop!’. This was obviously meaning for whoever or whatever I had sensed to not enter my bedroom, and sense it was because no-one was physically there.

Shadow People. The Shadow People were at it again.

​You see, I’ve always had night visitors, mostly what I call Shadow People; No real form to them other than a dense silhouette, a shadow of blackness. And it has only been a recent revelation (2016) that these Shadow People are indeed my helpers, my guardians. They were and are, keeping me safe even though it never felt like it.

I had always been fearful of them, of the Shadow People. I mean, come on, dark shadowy figures coming into your room at night, or waking up with them beside your bed or hanging over your face in the middle of the night is not exactly a comforting thing, right?

As I grew older and into my spirituality more, I began to ask my Shadow People what they wanted, hoping that if I could sense what they wanted, they would stop coming for me.
I never ‘heard’ a response from them though and at one point I remember that they visited so often and by the many, and that my response ever time was to wake up totally freaking out and in a panic, that I began to think they must having a good old laugh and bringing their friends to ‘watch how high we can make this one jump’ kind of ghostly entertainment.

This night was a little different though, even though I found out I still have a hard to break, automated fear response when spirit comes calling in the darkened hours.
You see, prior to going to bed for the night, I asked spirit Paul. W, if I was imagining the conversations we have or the times when he sits next to me in my car when I’m driving (particularly at night). I questioned the connection to Paul. W and asked for a little sign. And I’m pretty sure I got it that night, a sign to keep on trusting no matter how ‘fearful’ I get.

The sign this night was sensing spirit, not once, but three times.

The first two being were visions, visions of floating decorations, misty in form and manifesting on the ceiling above where I lay, like a decoration portal opening up before my very eyes.

And the third time was when spirit wanted to come closer, scaring the bejeebees out of me and forcing my hand to halt them in their tracks.

​Upon reflection I can see the experiences of this night as spirit celebrating my connection with the decorations whilst showing me that it was ‘real’ at the same time, that spirit and I can interact on the physical plain as much as we can on the energetic or spiritual plain.

It’s pretty safe to say that this night revealed that I still have fear issues to work on when it comes to working with spirit, to interacting with spirit, not on a day to day basis, but on a night to night basis as this is where the interactions are at their peak and this is where my fear of spirit energies resides; only in the darkness of night, only when I feel my most vulnerable and only because I feel like my ‘safe zone’ is compromised.

What I can take from this nights night visitors is that yes, my connection is real, yes, my conversations with Paul. W are real, and yes, it is a positive and special connection that I have.
I also need to take from it that safety, my feeling safe, is an important aspect or element to my living and I should work toward creating that feeling of safety throughout the night with spirit, so that my Shadow People, revealing my internal fears or illuminating that in which I need to celebrate, can come through and do so without sending me through the roof.

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 Author: Raw & Real Goddess’ Gemma Rose is a Holistic Healer & Ancestral Alchemist, focusing on the mind, body, heart, soul, spirit, family and life. Gemma Rose has over 10 years’ experience in healing, counselling and mentoring women, is an advocate and support system for mental health and wellbeing, holistic pathways, empowering others and breaking taboos. She is also a spirit talker, author and creative spirit.

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I acknowledge the traditional owners of country throughout Australia. I acknowledge traditional custodians of land, river and seas, and their deep cultural connection to country and community. I pay my respects to them and their cultures, to elders both past, present and emerging, and I pay my respects the the Biripi people upon which I reside, work and play. I also pay respect to my culture of heritage, people, land and waterways of Kamilaroi.

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