Our ‘never in a million’ journey began last week, and as the tale and the journey unfolds, we are sharing bits of our selves and our lives to touch down on this earthly plain with a grounded, practical, everyday perspective of family life and learning together in our raw and real homeschooling journey.

Now, as a family we have decided to stay within the parameters of the regular school terms. With two older children in high school who collectively share no desire to be schooled at home, it made sense to us to keep our two children homeschooling on the same term to term schedule. So, that meant Tuesday 21st of July was our first official day of learning together in our home environment.


In our home environment, I pay special attention to #learningtogether. I’m aware enough to know that we are all learning through this process, moving onward and upward on the journey of homeschooling, together. We all have constructs and constraints to unpack. We all have idea’s, notions, expectations, visuals and perceptions to deconstruct. We all have spaces and places where we require change for this journey to be successful. So, learning together it is.


Tuesday began with lots of excitement.


The three of us were excited to be getting into this new stream of learning and living, so excited that we even began the day earlier than expected. The Australian Backyard Explorer program from Simply Homeschool has a lot do with this, so I’m constantly validating my choice of this core with, “good job, Mumma.”

Keen to begin was an understatement, so Cosmic Kids Yoga went down a treat and it’s a fun way for the kids to get their bodies moving and their minds centred. 

Moving into lessons on our core program was done with ease. We had lots of animated and excited discussions throughout the days lessons, and it was so great to see our children being happy and engaged. So happy and so engaged that even during our breaks, the Australian Backyard Explorer book came along with us, teaching us fun things like measuring the distance between us and a tree with our thumbs.

What I learnt from day 1 is…….listening to my body and paying attention to our energy is paramount in creating ease. By the afternoon I was getting sick and going downhill fast. All of our energies were depleting and we were all mentally going downhill also. By not listening and paying attention to these area’s we created struggles and resistance for each of us. So, pushing through is not a necessity, especially if we are to be mindful of health and wellbeing as a whole.

On a smaller note, we also learnt that Sam requires printed line sheets to work on and I need to pay attention to my letter formations on the white board….cursive writing is not legible to my babes.


Wednesday came and so too did the enthusiasm.


A choice to do running sound our yard was made, and that was fun for everyone, including Micky (Mick-ee), our dog.

We integrated the use of ‘Prodigy’ this morning, just so that I could find my footing for the day with lesson requirements. This, along with the previous days efforts, allowed for a slower, steadier pace; finding our homeschooling groove is what I like to call it.

We took a few more breaks this day, choosing ease over content, but, none us this forebode the feeling of biting off more than I could handle in the evening; Questioning, doubting, all playing out in my mind….is it enough, is it too much? Aargh!


Thursday didn’t begin in a better kind of head space for me.


The children were doing well. Mumma was not. I was overwhelmed, challenged. “Am I capable of providing an adequate education that supports both Sam & Jas, at the same time!?”
My mind was in overdrive, and to be honest, a shower and a good cry was called for so that I could release what was over powering me, and allow me to refocus on our day in small, digestible bites that were contributing to ease rather than overwhelm.

A little bit of yoga. A little bit of creating and decorating book covers. Music. Music! There was an unexpected plot twist that I wasn’t prepared for. Our children wanted to music, so music we did. I made it happen in teh best way I could possibly know how to with such short notice and preparation work.

Music was fun, however it was the catalyst for some challenges to show themselves for Sam. Now, Sam is a little sweetheart, who can sometimes feel totally overwhelmed at making any kind of mistake, self perceived or otherwise, and not staying on beat with his bongo playing was dire to his complex little nature of self belief and esteem. 

I will note that energetically, we cannot help at times but be impacted by others, and although I did my best to not project any overwhelm out into the family environment, energetically it just happens, and Sam and I are so deeply connected that he makes sense he tuned into ‘overwhelm’ for himself that day.

Moving onto more academically focused activities only contributed to exasperate Sam’s depleting mindset. Creative Spelling (a core program from Simply Homeschool) proved to be a bit of a mountain. It wasn’t that it was difficult, but rather the lowering self belief had simply created an unwillingness to even consider comprehending what we were moving through.

This is the moment where a bit of an early lunch break and rethink of the days activities was necessary, and why an understanding of learning together is so important. Flexibility! That’s what we needed and it’s an art that I’m deeply grateful for choosing in my life already. So rather than push, we shifted. We shifted into creative arts. The joyful gleam in a child’s eye returns easily when given fun activities to do.


Friday saw us carry in that same flexible and freestyle energy.


Free choice and fun learning activities was the focus of our day.  We had a fun day planned out, one full of creativity and choice, and after the initial active activities to warm up the bodies and brains, I felt we had to cross a little hurdle in order to clear the air and reset some of the overthinking on our Creative Spelling hurdle core. Yes, the distress was obvious as soon as spelling was mention, but, rather than feed into that distress, I chose to address it as a fun, simple task that we simply needed to move through before having a relaxed day creating, choosing and having fun.

Not feeding into the distress simply meant to line my sentences for spelling tests with jest. Choosing to create lightness and giggles to ease weary minds. And it brought me so much joy to see both our children at ease and enjoying what they were doing even if they weren’t too thrilled with it to begin with.

The potential impact of mistakes were diminished by our playfulness and of course, my willingness to learn how to create ease for our children and to make those adjustments that support thriving and succeeding in a home learning environment.

Finishing Friday with lots of fun and the creative love of pour painting or fluid art, meant that we all finished the day and our first official homeschooling week as happy little vegemites.


 Author: Gemma Rose Green is the Raw & Real Goddess! She has been working with energy and spirit for over 10 years now; working with spirit, nature and universal energies. 
Gemma is an Intuitive Energy Healer, Psychic, Medium, Witchy Woman, Homeschooling Mumma, Author & Creator.
In working with Gemma, you benefit from an inspired healing revolution through the adaptation and embodiment of individualised holistic health and well-being approaches.

Together, we can unleash the goddess within!


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