Never in a million years did I think that I would become a homeschooling Mum.
Never in a million years did I feel that homeschooling was for us.
Never, in a million years, did I ever think that life would ever be a place where homeschooling would befit this goddess and her clan.

Even in 2018 when our youngest began his schooling years, and I cried every day for 6 months, I never gave thought to becoming a homeschooling Mum. I honestly never felt that I had the capabilities to see that through, including the patience to teach our children on an academic level.

But this? This is the story of where it all begins, a tale of entertaining the idea, a tale of strength and resolve, of courage and commitment. This is the beginning of the goddess journey into a fully fledged homeschooling environment. And this is where you get to follow the journey; my philosophy on #sharingiscaring, far exceeds that concept of growing numbers or reaching audiences, it also encapsulates that when share ourselves and our life experiences, we are being helpful to other human beings.

So, let’s hop on this magic carpet ride or rigorous mountain climb…I’m sure the day of the week will determine the magic or mountain of it all…together, and see where this tale of Never In A Million Years leads us.

To begin with, we have to go back to where it all began, back to the beginnings of the Coronavirus. The assailant, Covid-19, that changed a world as we know it. And if I’m totally honest, it most certainly should have done.

Our early days of experiencing the beautiful chaos of Covid-19 was done so graciously. Doing what was necessary to keep each other safe, our families and communities, came easy to me and to us as a family unit.
Now, I do admit that I’m a home loving freak, an introvert who thrives in her natural environment because life can simply get too peopley out there, so staying home came as a welcomed blessing in amongst the thorniness of Covid-19 and having already challenged my introvert self with being a TAFE student this year.

I found my creative balance during Covid-19, my space of spirituality and mainstream life that supported who I truly am; after spending just one term in the mainstream world of studying mental health, I had begun to loose my balance and my way a little.
I loved it. And I loved it so much that I still, some months after the first #stayhome directive, I still haven’t set foot in a supermarket; edit to one trip to the supermarket last week…the 11th July…and I hated it 😊

I digress. As society began to shut down and create distance to support the slowing of the viruses transmission, we pulled our kids out of school before governing bodies decided it was time to shut schools doors. Our thought behind that decision? You don’t need a degree in anything to know that social distancing cannot and will not happen in a school environment, and you don’t need to wait for invitation to do what I feel is best for your children.

Since then, I have advocated for people to do what they felt was right for their children and families.
As governments made decisions that made no sense and were outright contradictory at times, becoming well informed and discerning what was best for our children become an important standpoint for Husband and I to engage in, explore, and be true to.

For our family and me personally, I enjoyed and had that means to be able to educate our children from home with relative ease, and I know that I am one of the lucky ones for this. Loving the presence of my children at home helps, as does feeling such joy to just know that they are there, that they are around me, and being a stay at home mumpreneur.
The amount of work that our local schools provided, and my own discernment of how much work to do, how much pressure to apply (or not) to ourselves, and schooling at home was for the most part, a breeze.

And then, out of the blue, as if under pressure, our governing bodies decided that despite restrictions still being well in place, schools were suddenly safe. How about that!? Schools were being called safe spaces to be in. Protocols will be put in place to ensure extra safety, like social distancing, additional cleaning services, more hand washing implementation and so on. But the truth is, that schools are too crowded to have good social distancing etiquette, kids are still little petri dishes of germies, and at best they can carry and spread the virus even if they are not physically and detrimentally impacted by it.

There is a great deal that I could continue with in regard to our government choices, TAFE is only just going back in to properly monitored social distancing classrooms for our Mental Health Diploma. School children still come in contact with adults. The impact upon children’s mental health. And more. But instead, let’s forge ahead with the tale of never in a million years.

Because of our, Husband & I, belief in tending to social distancing and restriction protocols for the safety of our family and clients; Husband still had an essential service to carry out; and because of our combined awareness of the impact upon our children’s self esteem and overall mental health and wellbeing, we made the decision to refrain from returning our children to mainstream. We made the decision for the remainder of the second term, and then somewhere in there, we made the executive decision to maintain homeschooling for the rest of the year.

It wasn’t a decision on whether I could or whether we should. It was a decision to ensure our children’s best and most effective, health and wellbeing.

Our decision, or more so our desire to explore our decision with our local schools, wasn’t met with any degree of acceptance, but despite the initial resistance, we choose to submit our applications, as well as have our say of course. And, yes, I had my own levels of resistance, of doubts to move through, and yet every time I pulled my energy back to myself, turned inward and felt into the situation, I knew that choosing to homeschool from this point forward was the best option for our family.

The process of registration was somewhat challenging, but we did it with the help and guidance of a special friend who has been involved with homeschooling for years. We created the learning plan, had the interview, and received our approval certificates with ease. And now, we are excited. We are excited to move in homeschooling properly. We are excited to be beginning our official homeschooling journey with Simply Homeschool’s, Australian Backyard Explorer. And we are excited for what our future holds.

So be it a magic carpet ride or rigorous mountain climb, my ‘never in a million’, is now upon us and I welcome what it has to share and teach us about ourselves and our lives.


 Author: Gemma Rose Green is the Raw & Real Goddess! She has been working with energy and spirit for over 10 years now; working with spirit, nature and universal energies. 
Gemma is an Intuitive Energy Healer, Psychic, Medium, Witchy Woman, Homeschooling Mumma, Author & Creator.
In working with Gemma, you benefit from an inspired healing revolution through the adaptation and embodiment of individualised holistic health and well-being approaches.

Together, we can unleash the goddess within!

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