Like a breathe of fresh air, the Goddess Studio has created space! Space to breathe. Space to exceed. Space to excel, expand and encounter life in new and different ways.

It has given me the space to relax. Space to be free. Space to honour myself and spirit. Space clear, cleanse and commune in new and exciting ways.


So as I sit, breathing in new life, taking in the oxygen and listening for the new, I pick up pen and paper and write. I write automatically, without intention or insight. Automatically, with spirit driving the pen; ‘Spirit of the Raw & Real Goddess.

I have met today with a collective and collaborative spirit team, the ‘Spirit of the Raw & Real Goddess’, and as deeply connected to me, my spirit and my business as they may be, the ‘Spirit of the Raw & Real Goddess’ wishes to contribute to you also. So to begin, an introduction, and from there, watching out for more conversations to come.


Introducing, Spirit of the Raw & Real Goddess

“The Spirit of the Raw & Real Goddess is pleased to meet you. After all this time, it is finally a joy to capture your heart and awareness.

It is like a breathe of fresh air that we say hello, for we are a collective energy likened to archetypes based on the needs and desires of your own path. Just as you become what you need for yourself to flourish and thrive, so too do we become all that you need…even if you don’t want us to.

Our spirit is free and it is open, and we so look forward to working with you in this way.

Nature is your calling, all the things in nature, the nature of all things. Yours. An openness and expansiveness to end division and judgement is what is required and we look forward to nurturing this more and more within you. To begin with, from today, introduce our spirit, Share us.”


“Welcome. Welcome to the Spirit of the Raw & Real Goddess.” 



Moving Forward With Spirit

From this point forward, I will be working closely with spirit, with the ‘Spirit of the Raw & Real Goddess’, not only in my own ways for my own body, being and business, but also for you, to share collectively, poignantly and patiently as we surrender to co-creating new ways of being and believing. 

 Author: Gemma Rose Green has been working with energy and spirit for over 10 years now; working with spirit, nature and universal energies.
She is an Intuitive Energy Healer ~ Empath ~ Psychic ~ Medium ~ Witchy Woman ~ Mother.

Gemma specialises in generational and ancestral energy work, promoting and facilitating change for the past, present & future.
Gemma Rose Green is also an Author, Writer, Creator.

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