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Gemma Rose Green
‘Turning The Tide for Bright, Bold, Badass Living!’


My ‘super soul’ powers are truth and vulnerability, courage and commitment, and an ability to help others access, accept and achieve their own bright, bold, badass way of living. I am deeply committed to shaking things up, to redefining the ‘norm’, to bridging gaps in family and relationships, and to creating more inclusive, attainable and practical ways of expressing & experiencing uniquely individual & joyful lives.

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6 LIVE Classes!

We have 6 LIVE zoom calls scheduled for the Psychic Intuitive Money Train: My Money, My Station classes…….6!

Beginning on the 3rd of May! 6 classess to clean and clear your energetic projection and receptions points; yes, we are talking about the field of attraction!

Classes are held on ZOOM! Your participation is welcomed! This is not just about the messages and guidance my team and I have to offer, it’s about creating clarity within your thoguhts and energy so that your frequency is gleaming!

Q & A and energy clearings are guarenteed!

This Section is Undergoing a Facelift

~ How To Work With Me ~

Psychic Intuitive Healing & Readings

Work IN Progress - Info Coming Soon

Generational Healing - Readings & Mentoring

Work In Progress - Info Coming soon.

Motivation Mentoring - Workshops/Programs

Work In Progress - Info Coming Soon.

What People Are Saying

“I just wanted to say how much I love and adore this beautiful woman. She has always been a source of hope, support, love and warmth for me. One of the most genuine and authentic people that I have ever met. A lifeline. Michelle

“You nailed it! You found a soul sister I didn’t know I had, and identified some really specific issues for me to work on releasing. Without being too dramatic, this actually feels like it might be life changing for me! So thank you, you’re very talented and I’m so grateful you showed up when you did.” Alex

“You sensed the heart issues I had, and said you were going to send me energy to help.
I didn’t know then how much truth there was to the reading you did for me, but it has completely changed my life. I just wanted to thank you & express my utmost gratitude, as you were the first person who offered insight into what has led to my overall healing & wholeness. I still have ways to go, but your healing & magic will forever be appreciated” Jessica


Death, It Fuck’s Me Up Every Time!

I’m sitting here contemplating the process, the meaning, the what the fucks about death….not necessarily a great thing to be doing on Mother’s Day, but hey, you can’t orchestrate this shit if you tried, right? I woke up this morning, peacefully contemplating that cat...

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When You Say YES But The Universe Say’s NO!

So guess what people? Guess what universe? BRING IT! Bring it on! Bring on the money. Bring on the opportunity. Bring it on, whatever it is that I am asking for and clear the limitations of residual or resounding NO energy, especially when it’s not mine! 😊

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What’s Mine Is Not Yours; Energy Entanglements

This entanglement of energy is one that I feel can be best observed through the very regular and normal practice of sleeping with partners; no, I’m talking sex……yet 😀……but rather the act of falling asleep next to someone.

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Family Matters: Stepping Back.

As parents & even responsible dults, at some point in a child’s life, we are required to step back and allow our children the space to not only make their own choices, but also the space to deal with the consequences; right or wrong, good or bad.

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Our Wellness Christmas – Family Wiz-Bit #3

Our Christmas Wellness: Christmas wellness supports the inner integrity of your being, in a time which presents as busy, chaotic, tense or stressful, and let's face it, family isn't always the easiest among us to get along with. And it's this understanding, acceptance...

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