“Creating inclusive, attainable, practical ways of healing the past, present & future.”

Gemma Rose Green; Intuitive Energy Healer, Empath,PSYCHIC, Medium, Witchy WOman, Mother.


Here in the Raw & Real Goddess Cottage, we are deeply committed to shaking things up and contributing to redefining societal and spiritual ‘norms’ in to create more inclusive, attainable and practical ways of healing the past, present and future.

The Raw & Real Goddess community is one that incorporates alternative spiritual healing methods with mainstream practicalities to achieve best results in choosing, creating and generating thriving environments for you and those around you, to succeed in.


I’m Gemma

I am always deeply grateful to those who step into my space and in through the Raw & Real Goddess Cottage. Sharing with you my experiences and expertise from over 10 years in the spiritual and self development industry is a beautiful blessing. Something that I am incredibly passionate about is seeing women rise and families thrive, and I’m always looking forward to learning, living, loving and growing together in flourishing and thriving ways, as a team consciously creating our lives and our communities.

What I Do



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